Everyone absolutely loved the show, it really added the fun factor
— Dr. Cannito
Hotel Danieli Venice

Have you already participated in a Mentalism Show?

"The Gold Key" is the first Mentalism Show to be "exclusive", with a mix of emotions, flavours and tastes.

The award-winning mentalist Luca Volpe, winner of the best mentalist in Europe, will show you how he can read your mind, interpret your body language, and how it is possible to go beyond your limits and do the impossible!

A show where you will be the leading star!

An exclusive show for a few participants, who will have the opportunity to spend an evening in the name of the mysteries of the mind.



All accompanied by the best Champagne and Wines, chosen by excellent sommeliers, and combined with "creative" cuisine prepared by renowned chefs.

And its not over yet!

At the end of the show Luca Volpe will demonstrate an experiment that will leave you completely baffled!

And so that you don't miss anything ... a lucky winner will be awarded a "key" that will allow them to participate in the exclusive evening Gala that will close "The Gold Key" tour.

What are you waiting for?

Do not miss the opportunity to be one of the 30 exclusive guest at the "The Gold Key" show.